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    BASIC for PICŪ microcontrollers

    The Proton Product range comprises of the Proton Development Suite™ and supporting Hardware development platforms. Proton Basic and the supporting hardware is for use with PICŪ microcontrollers.
    See the article WHAT IS PROTON, for a detailed description.
    PDS Lite is no longer supported. Because there are many code examples, books and training courses written around PDS Lite it is still available for download, but for new users we'd recommend Amicus18.
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    World Wide Distribution

    If you can't find a distributor in your region, you can purchase from us direct.

    Here we list our resellers, our resellers are required to hold stock and provide local support for our products. In most cases our resellers use our products in their every day business.

    Proton Development Suite supports all of the most popular Microchip Devices. With new - and ever more complex - devices, ...

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